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Fitness market on the upswing

For years, the fitness industry has enjoyed continuous growth. Through quality and innovation-oriented thinking and action, new target groups are being won and loyalty to existing customer groups is being improved. This success is not that of one individual, but a joint success of all those who feel they belong to the fitness industry.

Through innovative products, new incentives are created on the part of the industry, and the fitness studio operators, for their part, ensure through continuous development work that today virtually all age groups and social classes are reached across gender lines. Based on scientific findings on the positive effects of strength and endurance training, fitness has become an omnipresent phenomenon in today’s society, where health and performance are characteristics of its future viability.

More than the on-site Studio

The fitness industry’s sphere of influence therefore extends far beyond training in fitness clubs to reach people in their various environments, such as work. Many fitness providers have also firmly established themselves in the health sector. Whether it’s physiotherapy, rehabilitation or prevention, training programs with or without equipment support are increasingly an important part of the recovery program prescribed or recommended by doctors.

Fitness as a growth Engine

All these framework activities initiated by the fitness industry have ultimately led to a further professionalization of the fitness market in recent years, also from a business perspective. Today more than ever, fitness studio operators are managers who, in addition to their affinity for fitness, have mastered all the tools of success-oriented business management. They deliver top performance not only in training support, but also in corporate management.

Fitness is an investment that pays off in more ways than one: economically, socio-politically and health-wise. That’s why the fitness industry continues to look to the future with optimism. The DIFG e.V. supports quality-oriented growth and innovation in the industry, among other things, through strategy-guiding studies and expert reports. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about industry development and key industry figures. Just contact us.