Über uns / Ziele

Who we are - our goals

DIFG e.V. is the German industry association for companies in the fitness and health market. It is important to us that society utilizes the biological, psychological and social effects of health-oriented fitness training and that its importance is recognized by the public and politicians.

On this basis, we want to promote the development of a sustainable labor and economic market. We stand for quality-oriented, sustainable growth. This means that the fitness market’s offerings are safe and beneficial to the health of those who train, as well as economical for providers and the industry.

Focus on members

The focus of our commitment is to represent the interests of our members. Our members are fitness equipment manufacturers, software providers, consultancies, service providers and franchise operators. In addition, we advocate for stakeholders in the fitness, health, sports, prevention and therapy markets as a whole. We are the point of contact for politics, business and science.

Fostering growth

Through our activities, we promote the growth of the fitness and health market as a whole and create new opportunities and space for a physically active society and health-oriented training. We offer our members a platform for the further development of working groups, networks. Through studies and expertises and further education we offer knowledge transfer on current topics.