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DIFG e.V. is the German industry association for companies in the fitness and health market. Our members are fitness equipment manufacturers, software providers, consulting companies, service providers and franchise providers. In addition, we advocate for stakeholders in the markets of fitness, health, sports, prevention and therapy as a whole. We are the point of contact for politics, business, media and science.

New DIFG position paper on the second Corna Lockdown




New DIFG position paper on the second Corna Lockdown

Almost 10,000 fitness and health businesses are affected by the new closure order issued by the federal and state governments – as was the case during the first lockdown this year. With the accompanying increase in inactivity, corresponding negative consequences for health and additional healthcare costs of around 1.8 billion euros are to be expected.
Current studies conclude that German fitness studios are not corona hotspots. On the contrary, they make an important contribution to keeping the population healthy. Supported by a recent expert report by Prof. Dr. Henning Wackerhage of the Technical University of Munich, the DIFG therefore advocates responsible alternative measures for the reopening of German fitness studios.
The current position paper, in which the DIFG takes a stand on the second Corona lockdown and advocates alternative measures instead of closures, as well as the expert opinion by Prof. Dr. Wackerhage can be downloaded here.