The Fitness Industry

The fitness industry has been growing continuously for years. It attracts new peer groups through quality- and innovation-oriented thinking and acting. Thus it moreover strengthens the loyalty of existing customers. This success cannot be attributed to anyone in particular, but is the joint success of those who belong to the fitness industry.

The industry supplies innovative products which create new stimuli. The fitness studio owners locally keep their equipment up to date. Thus at present every member of society, no matter which age, class or sex can be addressed. Based on scientific insights, that strength and endurance training has positive repercussions, fitness has become an omnipresent phenomenon of today’s society. That is the case because health and performance are prerequisite to the sustainability of our society.

The sphere of action of the fitness industry therefore surpasses the training in the fitness clubs and reaches people in their different environments, e.g. at work. Many fitness centres have established themselves a secure position within the health sector, too. No matter if physio-therapy, rehabilitation or prevention are concerned: more and more often training programs with or without equipment are an important part of the medically prescribed or recommended recovery program.

All these activities triggered by the fitness industry have led to a further professionalization of the fitness market in the past years, even from an economic point of view. Today’s fitness studio owners are managers, more than ever. Apart from their affinity to fitness they have to be able to manage a success-oriented company. This requires a high level of performance both in training support and company management.

Fitness is an investment, which is worthwhile regarding several aspects: economically, socio-politically and with respect to health. Therefore the fitness sector views the future optimistically. The DIFG e.V. supports growth and innovation of the industry, e.g. by publishing strategic studies and expertises. We will be pleased to answer your questions regarding the development and the key figures of the fitness industry. Please do not hesitate to contact us.