DIFG Wirtschaftstag am 24.10.2016 in Düsseldorf

Digital, personal or virtual training – the most trendsetting innovations with an impact on fitness clubs

The German industry federation for fitness and health (DIFG) e.V. will organize the 2nd Day of the Industry on October 24th in Düsseldorf, Germany.

The German fitness market is growing as well as developing. Germans practise fitness training in clubs, at home as well as outdoors. People nowadays draw on professional and personal coaches for instruction on their training, but also rely on training apps and are having fun in virtual group-classes. So what kind of an impact are these trends going to have on the established business models of most fitness clubs?

Quite a few experts of the industry have pointed out that further growth of the owner-managed gyms should be actively supported. This market segment constitutes an import distribution channel for the industry, a motor for innovation and has considerable value for the public image of fitness clubs in general. Personal training is also one of the distinguishing features for a lot of clubs.

The DIFG e.V. aims to show new perspectives to an economically successful future for fitness clubs and the fitness industry as a whole on its 2nd Day of the Industry on October, 24th 2016. Experts from different fields will shine a light on the future of German fitness clubs in a developing fitness- and health-market.

Please send your requests or registration for this event to The entrance fee will be EUR 39.00, no registration fee required from members of the DIFG.